nyc day one | west village + upper east side

friday, november 18! so technically we did come in on a red eye wednesday night/thursday morning. but half of thursday was spent with no shower in airport leggings while waiting for our hotel to let us check in (at 3pm..mad late when u arrive from seatac at 5am...) so this is our first official day in terms of looking anyways this isn't a writing assignment so i'm not treating it like one. we woke up at 11:30 am (after jenny says "lEtS sEt oUr AlArm FoR 8AM"....which she said everyday but woke up at 11 rip) and went to the little owl in greenwich village for lunch! we met up with my old roomie and talked about life and shit. i really like the little owl, except i paid $25 for toast !!! bye. we wandered around after that fine dining experience into the west village, one of my favorite neighborhoods! this was jenny's first time in this area so yeah. then we went all the way up to the upper east side to serendipity. serendipity 3 is a tradition my roommate + i have whenever i visit. while waiting a record-breaking 20 minutes, we went to dylan's candy shop. then my roomie had to go (idk why i keep calling her my roomie she is also a close friend and she is not my roomie anymore but u know how it iss$sss) and jenny + i walked up to the park. we had $3 pretzels that got cold bc of the pictures we were taking with them (our life story tho it ok we used 2 it) i took jenny to my favorite little spot on central park east that is a huge rock that overlooks glasgow bridge!! fun! and yeah that's it. then we went to the meatball shop on the upper west side. i ordered a drink and got tipsy on accident. except tipsy wasn't fun bc i was dehydrated and it gave me a splitting headache and the room was moving around LOLOL. then i ate too much ice cream and we went back to our apt at 8:30pm bc i felt sick from the ice cream. good times. !!! 

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