nyc day two | soho

saturday, november 19! we went to soho and did shopping. 2day i share w u my fav places 2 $HOP. because i am the most picky person on earth when it comes to clothes (which does not even make sense bc i literally only wear the same type of madewell jeans + stan smiths + some kind of crewneck t-shit combo every day) new york kinda only really has the places i enjoy shopping. i understand how extra i sound, yes. but i really do only like to shop in new york city. i'm extra and i'm proud. but honestly, i think everyone can agree that it is really hard to find that *****perfect**** white t-shirt. so, if you love basics as much as this basic, u might enjoy these places. now, i put the specific neighborhood of my fav store but they have all of these stores in soho, ok!!!! i just am picky. 
think of this as a shOppIng GuiDe 4 pPl WhO lOoK LiKE tHeY hAvE nO PerSonAl StyLe bUt ReaLLy DiD 3 yEarS of FaShiOn DesIGn Sk00l:
madewell in both flatiron & soho different inventories, different sale section ayyee
artzia in flatiron - i just like the way this one is merchandised. 2 floors and good customer service
topshop in soho - 4 floors of trendy shit but i like their basic crop tshirts!
& other stores in soho - sister company of cos/h&m! good sweaters & lotion
zara in herald square - i've always had the best luck w this location
uniqulo in both rockafeller & soho - cheap jeans that'll work for a season/the best deals on flannel
fishes eddy in flatiron - a good place for souvenirs that are chic! think: mad cute mugs. aye!
anthropologie in flatiron - rip the soho location! 
free people in soho - really small but i love the inventory. if u want the big one, go to midtown!

ur welcome. xoxo gossip girl.

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