david | york, england

JANUARY 9 2017 | united kingdom

aye. so this shoot was a promo for something david and i are working on and i loved the pictures so much i wanted to post them here. these were taken in an air bnb that smelled like chinese food in york, england. i think the fact that we are literally in such a randomly selected town in england makes it my fav.

HOW I DID IT: for this shoot i used two iphone flashlights as an external flash held directly beside my lens. i also had my ISO bumped mad high as well. which is totally fine cause we wanted the shots to be grainy. the flashlight worked well because we had all the other lights in the room off, so there weren't any excess shadows. i think that is the key, is to make sure the room itself is dark. also the room had blank white walls so the iphone flashlight had plenty to bounce off of. in the images where he is close to the door, the door itself was shiny + reflective so the flash had no problems being used there. i used my sigma 35 mm art lens + canon 5d mark iv. because i was using my 35mm i was also really close, therefore the flashlight was really close. i wouldn't have been able to achieve this if i were using something like an 85mm or whatever. i hope that makes sense. #pHotoGrapHyISmYpaSsiOn

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