Smart Shoes! TRAQ by Alegria

Sponsored by Zappos. Zappos now carries SMART SHOES! Whenever I think of mixing technology and fashion the first thing that comes to mind isn’t always, well, fashionable. However, the Alegria Sneaq in Washed Black is a great neutral shoe that can suit so many different personal styles. I opted for the casual pair but they also created workout shoe, too!

The Traq Shoes by Alegria’s Q-Chip Technology allows you to accurately count every step, even when you don’t have your phone with you. No charging is required to use and it’s done via bluetooth, not GPS. Hook it up to your smartphone to view daily + monthly steps and activity!

Here in NYC my feet are my main mode of transportation. There are days where I’ve walked 10 miles around Manhattan with my photography clients! I get so into to counting my steps at the end of busy days, it’s satisfying to see I unintentionally got in a prettyyyy good workout. Smart Shoes just took this to another level.

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This is such a cool and exciting concept to me and I am so happy Zappos carries this innovative line! I have done a few posts with Zappos in the past and they are my favorite place to shop online for clothing + accessories (and shoes, of course!). They offer fast shipping, excellent customer service, free returns, and a huge range of inventory. Pop over to their site and take a look at the cute line and creative technology!

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Jessica Whitaker