i booked a wedding [because of the workshop]! surprise, they are my dream clients too, right up my alley with my outdoorsy interests!
i followed jessica’s pricing strategies and i booked 8 photoshoot within 12 hours!



“i did a one-on-one coaching call with jessica about a year ago and she gave me social media advice and how to find clients and i quit my job a few months ago, i was working at an oil and gas company, and now i am doing photography full time...that’s a little background and experience with jessica whitaker and how she helped me [one-on-one]

i had to try out her online photography workshop and i absolutely love it. i would highly recommend this to anyone, if you are wanting to start photography...and for someone like myself for someone who is pretty established but wants to take their business even further.” -stephania 

“i think this course is great for someone who is in the transitional state between being a hobbiest photographer and running a photography business. it has everything covered from start to finish. and also for someone like me who is a few years down the road [in my business], because [the workshop] has new innovative tips that i have never thought about before.” - isaac

“this course isn't just for beginners but also helps photographers like us who did over 90 weddings [this past year] if you've been wanting to grow your business but you haven't found the right source to learn from, then this is it! you need to learn from jessica whitaker.” - sam + sola

"i think this is very foundational for any new photographer but it's also for people who are further along in their career and are looking to re-brand, re-organize, market more efficiently, and put a focus on communication...

there is a lot of practical business advice, this was the part that was the most beneficial to me personally. i feel like i finally grasped real ways to over deliver to my clients while also keeping boundaries. i love that there is a focus on [client] communication.

i think any photographer can use this to stay better organized and to serve your clients better." - laura

as a senior at NYU studying photography, i feel as though jessica’s course is the missing piece in my education. it allows us to learn how to market ourselves and improve our interpersonal skills with our clients. i often hear my classmates joke that they wish they had a class like this at NYU!