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hey there! my name is jessica whitaker. i grew up in seattle, washington and currently live in new york city. i have a wide range of interests but they all center around creating + communicating with people. let's talk about my most favorite way that i create + connect... photography!

there is nothing i love more than people + capturing their milestone moments. i have been shooting since 2006, but i didn't start to get more serious about photography until my freshman year of high school in 2010. all throughout high school i was job shadowing, assisting, and, eventually, second shooting weddings and other important events.

fast forward to 2019 with 12 years of a camera in my hand and i work full-time for myself as a photographer in new york city. i shoot with top-of-the-line equipment and few can match my quick turnaround time! in addition to shooting, i also teach photography to other artist’s all around the globe! i have been teaching for three years on youtube, and have been able to work with some incredible brands such as hasselblad, google, and apple! my youtube channel can also give you a little peak into my style of shooting and interacting with clients. go ahead, check it out!

click here to see my photography package guides + here to browse my galleries. want to hear what other’s have to say about me? click here + scroll down for some testimonials. i'm ready whenever you are. click here to book a session!



build + bloom® is a safe space for creatives, both online and in-person. our online community is made up of many different types of creative individuals and all levels are welcome to join in — there is a spot for everyone at the table! in 2018 i organized, lead, and taught 8 workshops all around the states, paris, and london thru build + bloom®. these workshops were free admission to bring equal opportunity to anyone in the community, enabling them to change their legacy through a photography business.

sisterxsister is our volunteer stream for young girls in creative media. sisterxsister started in march 2018 and has met in over 16 cities across the united states. i am all about community over competition, and not when it’s just convenient for me. the slogan of build + bloom is ‘less me, more we’ and i believe that bleeds out into my customer service with my photography clients.

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