i live in NYC + am booking new york now until friday, december 14th.
i will be in seattle, washington from december 19th-january 26th. booking back in nyc starting February 1st and onward.

*my seattle travel dates are subject to change as i buy a one-way ticket to visit my family in washington during my ‘slower’ month in new york.

name *
let me know a few dates + times that work for you! this helps save time and back-and-fourth!
what city + state are you wanting to book? new york, seattle? los angeles? dallas? this is more important for photoshoots, mentoring sessions take place via skype! PLEASE see the above for my travel dates.
for photography clients only* write N/a if not booking photography services. reference EXAMPLE: portrait package option 1, two outfits one location.
for photography clients only* if you need help i can help suggest some areas, but the more specific you can be the faster we can schedule your shoot. feel free to browse thru the 'blog' section of my site and/or shoot me links of locations you like as reference!