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the business behind photography: how to market to, manage, and attract your dream clients from your own backyard.

let’s get real: you already know the basics of photography and have clients in your roster. it doesn’t matter if you have been shooting for 3 months or 3 years, something is missing in your business. i mean, you wouldn’t be on this page if there wasn’t. are you spending your lunch break scouring the internet for free resources and tools, but still find yourself trying to fill in the gaps? how do you build a business and a brand that sustains + supplies your business?

can i get real with you? why are you treating your photography business like a hobby?

i’ve been teaching photography for three years on youtube. however, youtube only allows me to teach for 6-7 minutes on a topic before loosing the interest of the audience. in order to pay attention you have to pay. guess what: some topics are boring. for example, pricing isn’t the most riveting topic but it’s fundamental in building a sustainable brand. i’ve never kept any secrets from any photographers for the past three years, but there’s a time and a place for sharing everything. my workshop is the place for a 9-part chapter on pricing your photography. this workshop is the place for those who truly want to grow a business.



  • how to properly market yourself and reach a consistent stream of easy to book clients

  • diving deep into pricing your photography. including travel fees, building out packages, knowing your worth and being confident in your rates. so that you can be profitable while maintaining a beautiful relationship with each customer

  • customer service: how to deliver a wonderful client experience before and after their session. this will set you apart from others and bring you referrals

  • how to create a brand built off of integrity that attracts ideal clients

  • complete behind the scenes photoshoot coverage learn how to direct and pose people who are not models, and to get clients comfortable in front of the camera

  • my complete workflow from the client photoshoot. from importing the images to exporting, i cover it all. i share how i am able to deliver my images to clients in 2 days of turnaround, which makes my photography business standout. i go in depth with importing, backup, file organization, selecting the images, editing, exporting, file sizes, image delivery, blog post layout, and how to use the images in online advertisement.

  • how to optimize your instagram and market yourself to people all over the world without spending a dime  


welcome - how to make the most out of the workshop
gear  - cameras, lenses, hard drives + storage, etc 
customer service - making your clients feel comfortable and confident 
reputation - maintaining a local presence 
client communication - ex: streamlining your inbox (lead generators) 
branding basics
pricing your work
website basics
website critiques 
full couple session - behind the scenes, how to pose and direct clients
complete workflow -from importing to editing to client delivery and everything in-between
social media - instagram marketing 101

by the end of the workshop, you should be able to…

  • walk away feeling confident in your work, your prices, and your customer service.

  • have a cohesive branded business, that is consistent both visually and in your client’s experience.

  • spend less time on your computer feeling stressed and disorganized, and more time out shooting, thanks to a streamlined and plug and play system.

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  • if you’re just starting your photography business and want a solid foundation to begin to build off of.

  • if you’re already running a photography business but want to create a better lifestyle and implement systems that help you streamline what you already have.

  • people who desire to learn from someone who has been consistently shooting for years, and whose clients are always happy with the results.

  • photographers who want to take things to the next level in their business, and feel like they’re capable of more.

  • people who are already rocking it in their business, but want to maintain that standard and make sure they stay ahead of the curve.

  • you feel like you have already invested a lot of time into free resources that jessica has offered, have seen success, and are looking for more.

  • if you’re having trouble consistently booking clients, and you’ve tried everything in your own power. 


just hear what these three photographers have to say…

“i think this course is great for someone who is in the transitional state between being a hobbiest photographer and running a photography business. and also for someone like me who is a few years down the road [in my business], because [the workshop] has new innovative tips that i have never thought about before.” isaac

“this course isn't just for beginners but also helps photographers like us who did over 90 weddings this past year...” sam + sola

"i think this is very foundational for any new photographer but it's also for people who are further along in their career and are looking to re-brand, re-organize, market more efficiently, and put a focus on communication...” laura

 you’re in the business of blending passion + profit...

are you ready to take a leap of calculated leap of faith? by calculated, i mean i have taken everything that i have learned over 12 years of photography, i have cut the learning curve + compressed it into this program. my workshop is designed to help you build a sustainable business no matter where in the world you are at. created from the inside out with integrity + intention for you to find success and fulfillment within your business. i have 12 years of photography under my vegan-leather belt. i’ve organized, ran, and hosted 8 of my own in-person photography business workshops all around the globe. it’s now time for me to teach online where this information can be accessible to anyone, anywhere!

a lot of people feel overwhelmed in an over-saturated market. with social media, we are always scrolling and comparing, sometimes it feels like photography can only be a passion, and there’s no room for profit. how do we bring our attention off of what everyone else is doing, and build a successful brand for ourselves even in a sea of shutters?

you don’t have to go at it alone. having been a leader in the creative community and founding one of the most highly engaged facebook groups for photography, i am in the community every single day and i know the heartbeat behind running a creative career. i have seen and helped many different people in many different walks of life. i have consistently poured my time and my talent into helping individuals with turning their passion into profit.

this workshop took me 8 months to create for YOU. this workshop will enable you to have the business of your dreams, in a way that is organized, systemized, and enables you to spend more time behind the camera instead of in your inbox.



this is a one-time purchase: your workshop will always be there for you! you will have lifetime access to the classroom as well as any updated lessons.


binge in a weekend or watch over the week





how can you make your clients feel comfortable in front of the camera if you don’t feel confident behind it? come along as my second-shooter as i photograph a real couple on location. i share my entire process for how i pose and direct my clients that aren’t professional models. how i give them prompts and direct them with confidence. learn how to guide your clients into natural poses, creating beautiful, candid moments that showcase their individual personality in five different modules covering the entire session from start to finish.

the most important aspect is making them feel comfortable. i teach how you can build up confidence in yourself to communicate efficiently with clients, even if you are naturally shy. i’m excited to go in-depth in what i’ve learned along the way of 12 years of photography to help reach your full potential, no matter what your personality type.



can i be real with you?


in order to pay attention we have to pay. youtube is not the place for me to give answers about questions that require a 20-minute explanation. for example: pricing is what i am asked the most about on social media. however, the only appropriate platform i can get into pricing with is my online workshop.



you can get started today for $558 + have access to this class forever. if you book just two photoshoots you will have paid off the program in full. but hey, don’t just take it from me:

“i implemented everything she taught in the course. i took the workshop two months ago and within that two month span i made over one thousand dollars. i was able to book a wedding client and multiple portrait clients (one who has done 3 shoots).” -kyle

because of the success of jessica’s educational resources and photography business, she has been able to work + partner with many companies in the photography industry. 



i booked a wedding [because of the workshop]! surprise, they are my dream clients too, right up my alley with my outdoorsy interests!
i followed jessica’s pricing strategies and i booked 8 photoshoot within 12 hours!

“I was watching one of your live streams on IG and that was when you convinced me, I had to take the leap and really dive into my photography business, your workshop was perfect for just that.

Everything you taught really helped in building that strong foundation, I've been able to work more efficiently and effectively from marketing, to the first email, to delivering images!

After a month of taking what I've learned from your workshop, I've booked a wedding and have upped my bookings for portrait sessions! Communicating with my clients and potential clients was really important for me, the customer service chapter, client communication and even the social media chapters, all together were like the missing piece to my puzzle! hehe

I would totally agree with every other testimonial and say this workshop is great for any/all levels, really anyone looking to take their photography to the next level and turn it into a bomb-ass business!

After taking this workshop, I can truly say I feel 1000x more confident in my work. I’m more aware of what I’ve actually been putting into my business and that I CAN book my ideal clients in my own backyard!” - TAHNEE



“i did a one-on-one coaching call with jessica about a year ago and she gave me social media advice and how to find clients and i quit my job a few months ago, i was working at an oil and gas company, and now i am doing photography full time...that’s a little background and experience with jessica whitaker and how she helped me [one-on-one]

i had to try out her online photography workshop and i absolutely love it. i would highly recommend this to anyone, if you are wanting to start photography...and for someone like myself for someone who is pretty established but wants to take their business even further.” -stephania 

“i think this course is great for someone who is in the transitional state between being a hobbiest photographer and running a photography business. it has everything covered from start to finish. and also for someone like me who is a few years down the road [in my business], because [the workshop] has new innovative tips that i have never thought about before.” - isaac

“this course isn't just for beginners but also helps photographers like us who did over 90 weddings [this past year] if you've been wanting to grow your business but you haven't found the right source to learn from, then this is it! you need to learn from jessica whitaker.” - sam + sola

"i think this is very foundational for any new photographer but it's also for people who are further along in their career and are looking to re-brand, re-organize, market more efficiently, and put a focus on communication...

there is a lot of practical business advice, this was the part that was the most beneficial to me personally. i feel like i finally grasped real ways to over deliver to my clients while also keeping boundaries. i love that there is a focus on [client] communication.

i think any photographer can use this to stay better organized and to serve your clients better." - laura


“This course was exactly what we needed! Biggest breakthrough was giving me the confidence that we could charge what we’re worth and get more bookings. I would recommend this course for any photographer whether they’re just starting out or they’re a seasoned pro like us. If you’re on the fence of this program, ask yourself what you’re missing in your business…if you’re missing something that is taught in this course, then this course is for you! The pricing chapter was my favorite because it gave me hope that we can charge what we’re worth and we don’t have to lower our prices to get more business. The material was clear and easy to follow, thank you so much Jessica for taking the time to make an impact on the photography community! this is a business in a box!” - bree + stephen

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“This workshop is so comprehensive, everything is laid out right in front of you, and it’s perfect for that photographer who’s looking for the missing piece to running their business smoothly!
If you feel like you’re doing everything “right” in your business, but something still feels off- this workshop is for you. Jessica literally lays out from start to finish how to take your photography business from side hustle to full time gig.

The pricing chapter alone will bring so much clarity into your life.
You will leave feeling confident in what you’re putting into the world and start bringing in clients left and right!

Even if you’ve consumed all of Jessica’s free material and you think you don’t need this program- you do! Jessica walks you through an entire photo session from start to finish, and is so candid about things going wrong and how to solve them while keeping your cool. If that’s not enough, she dives into her full culling and editing process to show you how to work smarter- not harder.” - Kara

as a senior at NYU studying photography, i feel as though jessica’s course is the missing piece in my education. it allows us to learn how to market ourselves and improve our interpersonal skills with our clients. i often hear my classmates joke that they wish they had a class like this at NYU!
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if you’re looking for someone who is going to justify expensive photography gear to you, i’m not it. i won’t hype you into dropping 3k on a new macbook. if you’re desperately itching to drop your 9-5 job to pursue photography full-time and you need someone to hype you into it, i’m not it. if you want me to tell you to drop out of college to pursue a creative career, i’m not it.

why? that’s not wisdom.

i have been doing photography for 12 years, pursuing it on the side for 8 years, and teaching for 3. however, it wasn’t until last year that i took photography on as my own full-time job.


i spent 8 years working in e-commerce, another full year as an in-house social media director all while attending school! i was booking photoshoots during the weekends and after work or school (that is, if i could get home from working my full-time and part-time job simultaneously before 10pm) it wasn’t until this last year i decided it was time for ME to take my own calculated leap of faith into full-time photography.

my approach to photography as a business comes from the angle of slow, steady, and strategic will get you there. it won’t take you 12 years (i mean— this workshop is condensing it down for you in 6.5 hours) but it will take patience and a plan! that’s what i am bringing to you.

we have to map everything out; from our financial goals to our client experience. we are in the business of people and i am in the business of teaching photography with the most practical perspective.

you can read more about me here if you’d like!

teaching at my non-profit’s workshop in dallas, texas

teaching at my non-profit’s workshop in dallas, texas


how is this different from your other free resources?: this is a platform that allows me to dive deep into each topic. i can only help so much with free content, because people typically want fast answers to complex problems that need more attention. because of this, a lot of what i cover in my workshop i don’t share on youtube because people don’t want to listen to the full solution.

i know there’s a private facebook community included in the course, what’s different about it compared to build + bloom?: while build and bloom is an incredible community i encourage everybody to be a part of, the private group for students of my program is a resource focused primarily on the building and maintaining of a profitable photography business based off of the material in my program.

what if i am unsatisfied with the course? teachable’s refund policy is 30 days. after that, we are unable to issue you a refund.

once i am in, how long does the content last?: you have lifetime access and can work at your own pace. there is 6.5 hours of content and over 50 modules.

what level do i have to be at in order to enroll?: you need to have a basic understanding of photography and how your camera works, as well as the basics of adobe lightroom and instagram. outside of this, any skill level is compatible with my program.

will this workshop cover the legal side of business, such as client photography contracts, taxes, advice for registering as an llc vs a sole proprietorship, etc? no, i cannot offer legal advice! i encourage you to find an accountant in your area who can assist you and your business with tax questions. as for photography contracts, which would also fall under legal advice, check out honeybook for so many options on contracts. they have it all, from wedding to standard portraits to even styled shoots!

how long is this workshop available for purchase? i have no plans on taking it down!

any other questions or customer service inquiries please contact my team:

- legal -

though the content is informative and can aid in the process of building your business, we can not guarantee any additional income through the purchase of this program. many will go on to succeed with our material, while many will also not take action and remain where they were before their purchase. jessica whitaker is not affiliated in any capacity with facebook inc


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