my best friend's wedding x georgia, january 5-10 2016

meg + i met in chelsea, manhattan in october 2015 and she is my best friend from new york city. even though i hate the word 'adventures' bc i don't want to sound like a cliche pnw basic, there isn't really any other word to describe the various events we have been through together. from both of our psycho roommates, important life lessons in hell's kitchen, chelsea market tacos, taking the train all the way to williamsburg at 9pm for macaroni at two doors, going from the uws to where i lived in chelsea just to eat pizza in my dorm room for 20 minutes, that one cute boy, the purse (lololol), to our extremely strange philadelphia bus ride (you can view the photographs from philly here + our vlog from the trip here). anyways, i'm rambling but we have had a lot of good times lOOlllll. 

i photographed her proposal in central park west (click here to view the images!) in november 2015 and was a bridesmaid in her wedding on january 9th, 2016. below are some of my favorite moments from the wedding week. idk wat else to say so eNjOyY

G00D TIMES!!!!!11

Jessica Whitaker