With the new and ever-changing Instagram algorithm, it's easy to get discouraged. Today I am sharing with you three easy to increase your engagement on the app. Whether you are a photographer, blogger, or any kind of entrepreneur start applying these tips now. Scroll to the very bottom of this post to watch the video over on YouTube.

1. put yourself in the frame (even if it’s just hands)

whenever i have myself in a photo it does so much better.

it separates me from other photographers because people feel like they know ME more, therefore would be more likely to hire me over someone who is faceless. it feels like a friend (especially when you combine getting on instagram stories and live streams), a familiar face. 

if you find yourself wanting to post that food flat lay, be sure to add some hands in the shot. make it more interactive, it adds a human touch + can make it seem more lifestyle, relatable, people will find more connection with it than something from a catalogue.

1. always post vertical

since our phones are vertical, it only makes sense to post in a way that takes up more real estate! horizontal is a big no-no, as there is too much white space and usually someone else photo comes into the frame. especially horizontal combined with a big caption (wall of text) that is too distracting and won’t perform as well. so, start being intentional with your images you select to share. if you absolutely have to post horizontal, at least crop it to be square cause that eliminates some of the white space.

3. encourage comments by asking your audience QUESTIONS!

don’t know what to say? start keeping a list in your notes of ideas. sign up below for my FREE PDF guide on 5 easy questions to ask your audience this week.

so now you know what to post, how to post it, and what to say. the next step is keeping ENGAGEMENT up!

once you click ‘share now’ it’s important to keep your phone accessible for the next hour or so. respond to each comment someone leaves, take time to respond to the answers/suggestions your followers have left. if someone answers your question with a suggestion, continue that conversation. ask another to that specific user! 

this builds community, doubles comments, and increases engagement. 

Jessica Whitaker