Basics of Film Photography | FREE ONLINE CLASS

the class i have waited to share for so. long. now. i asked over on my instagram "what is stopping YOU from learning film?" the most common responses were: film photography feels intimidating, expensive, and time-consuming to get started. or, all the instructional videos on youtube are at least 7 years old or way too monotone, technical, and hard to digest. i am only left even more confused!

it doesn't have to be this way! film photography can help you become a better photographer, understand your settings further, and even be a package you can blend into your current photography business.

so, i decided to make a change.

in this refreshing spin on film photography education, i taught one of my youtube subscribers everything they need to know about how to use a 35mm film camera. i broke down the basics for YOU in this FREE online class

from camera settings to loading/unloading the film, what kind of film to pick out, and more... it’s EVERYTHING you need to get started TODAY! 📷film photography for beginners, watch + learn by clicking HERE!



how to use a 35mm camera