My NYC Apartment Tour 2018

welcome to my apartment! :,)

the colors i wanted were a mix of jewel tones and warm pastels. if that makes any sense at all. i know this will only make sense to my friend susie but. the first thing i knew i was going to purchase for my apartment was my pink sofa and everything else would be built around it. i really wanted a specific style of sofa and for the silhouette to be low to the ground and really contemporary. my space is small so i also wanted it to not only be petite in size but also design, nothing super bulky. i wasn’t too worried about this item not being a neutral color. however, if i had to pick a neutral color i would have gone with a cognac color or my same sofa but in a navy velvet. the pink color to me is really versatile because it has a warm undertone. if i had gotten a blush, cool-toned pink i think it would be really hard to change up thru the years. this piece makes me soooo happy and i know i’ll bring it to my next apartment for sure. ok so that was my mindset.

goldenrod is my second favorite color and it goes great with that rosey pink! so that was my next color for accents (plus i have a ton of books in that yellow!) and the next step was i knew i wanted gold as my metal color! my doorknobs are antique gold so it worked great :,) in 2019 i want to swap out my big mirror for this antique-gold mirror from anthro (saving up for a few months tho for this little guy lol). the curtains that came with the place were navy velvet so that worked out great. recently, i have really loved emerald green and i want to tie that into my bedding in 2019.

it has been a really long process and later on in 2019 i am planning on adding more to my bed area + more to the walls + finally having some shelves up. i want to swap out my desk and computer area with a television and more storage. when i first moved in i was working from home but now that i work from an office i don’t find myself using my pc as much anymore. this is my apartment in 2018 and i am excited to share what i have so far with you! scroll down for item links as well as where i like to shop for home decor and what i look for.

i really like to layer items! i look for things that have a lot of detail on them and that fall within my general color scheme. i don’t mind a lot of ‘clutter’ because i feel like what i have is really intentional and reminds me of my ~~~travels~ and makes me happy. new york city can be tough, so i wanted my space to be tender! it’s just me here so why not make it 700% over the top me. i also love animals and i really love cute little things with animals (like rabbits + swans), antique gold (almost bronze), ceramics, flowers, and antique amber glasses. however, i am pretty picky and don’t buy a ton of items. everything in my apartment little-decoration-wise has been accumulated over the past 3 or 4 years.


living area…honestly the only area that has interesting stuff i can link! literally everything else (like my bed frame, my desk, etc) is just from ikea!
PINK VELVET LOVESEAT SOFA, this dark, almost jeweled-tone warm pink is my absolute favorite and i haven’t seen any other like it!
VELVET PILLOWS, $10 each for the cover, great deal and they have TONS of colors!
IRRIDECENT SEQUIN PILLOWS, similar! abc carpet has these for no joke $125 each but you can get them on amazon for like $10 and comes in a ton of colors
WHITE CHUNKY KNIT THROW BLANKET, Aviva Stanoff Design, amazing quality!


their union square store brings me sooo much inspiration and there are so many items you can pull inspo from and find similar at other places. this is my favorite place for big furniture items as well as super tiny little diy items! their furniture is really an investment (i just have a sofa from them!) but everything is so unique. i also love their paper goods, garlands, and candles as filler coffee-table pieces.

i love their cute little pieces, such as all their different cabinet knobs, storage jars, and XXX. i never have bought linen or furniture from them and i’m not sure about the quality for the price, but their smaller items are great for little touches here and there.

TARGET DURING VALENTINES DAY — their party section and dollar section usually have tons of heart items and little garlands and stickers and cutie things. also target in general is good, that’s where i got my bedside lamp and i also like their bathroom stuff!

IKEA — we aren’t gonna go too in detail about this because 80% of american apartments are made of ikea stuff. great for the boring basics. desk, bedding, side tables, glass wear, cooking stuff, shelves, frames. it’s classic lol.

right across from abc carpet, this is my favorite place for mugs + pitchers + pretty glasses etc. really good price point (cheaper than anthro and in my opinion better quality) and they have an entire vintage section…but not vintage where it’s thrifted from 2002 and marked up to $ bows are $3. i love the style in there, it’s very new yorkeie 1960-ish but also kind of pre-war vibes. lot’s of black + cream color combos with dark wood and subway tile vibe. warm n cozy n cutie and doesn’t feel like everyone else has it.

Jessica Whitaker