1980s Supernova Portraits with Savage Universal | DIY KITCHEN PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO

i am SO excited for these 1980’s supernova portraits of my best friend, jenny! jenny was visiting me in new york city from los angeles over her spring break. savage universal and i partnered together to do a big giveaway over on my instagram for their seamless studio paper! three winners got to choose their color + size of seamless paper of choice! for jenny’s portraits i went with the 53” blue mist seamless paper. the 53” size is great for portraits indoors and fits perfectly in my tiny nyc kitchen!

if you want to see the full DIY setup pop over to my instagram profile + peak at the highlight labeled DIY STUDIO. scroll to the bottom of this post to see our full kitchen setup. the lighting we used in these shots was one soft box to the left, one ring light in the center, and then the RGB LED Light Wand on the right. The light wand was set on green, but there are thousands of color combinations you could do! I absolutely love the supernova 1980’s look the green light gave our portraits. then, for the haze effect i used chapstick on a clear lens filter. if i can do this in my tiny new york city kitchen, imagine what YOU could do in your living room or garage! you don’t need a private studio or a ton of gear to produce creative images!

quick links for the blue mist 53” seamless paper + the RGB LED Light Wand.

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