Walking Into The Weekend With Madewell | Sponsored

Walking into the weekend with Madewell with a huge smile on my face! Because it is finally above 30 degrees in New York City and the danger of getting hypothermia with my ankles showing is slightly lower. I love this cardigan-coat (shop here) the knit is extremely dense and blocks out any kind of wind chill. It's perfect for wearing under a parka in the winter (aka me rn) and will also be fantastic in the spring. I love the oversized (yet somehow still slimming? science?) shape and it comes in a few different colors. I have been wanting a transport tote (shop here) for a hot minute, and I selected the antique rose color! It's no wonder why these bags are so popular here in Manhattan. They're extremely durable and I can haul around my camera without fear that the straps will come undone in time. I love the antique rose color because it's a slightly more subtle take on luggage camel, which is one of my favorite leather colors but it isn't as versatile with my wardrobe. Both items are quality + classic while still being stylish. Click to shop Madewell here!

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