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one-on-one skype calls are designed for those who need my undivided attention, motivation, accountability, dive deep, and a push forward in their business! if you have exhausted all of my other resources (from my free tutorials on youtube, to the free photography community of build + bloom, to my online photography workshop) and want an extra helping hand, than a skype session just might be for you!

they’re an open-ended conversation and we can go over anything you need help with. whether that is photography, social media management, branding, confidence in your work, client communication, pricing, website, and more! i can help you get over any kind of slump or obstacle you might be experiencing as a creative.

i have been coaching individuals in their businesses big and small for over two years and have worked in-house as a social media director. i have been teaching photography for two years and have launched 2 online workshops as well as 7 person photography workshops.

you will have the ability to ask and receive direct, one-on-one insight and help from me. this is your call and is tailored to fit your individual business needs. scroll down for written and video testimonials from my past students and for package information and contact form.

I have been booking like crazy, this whole summer I have had just about every weekend booked along with my first 3 weddings, AND I just booked my first out-of-state wedding! Seriously, treat yourself and treat your business by getting mentored by Jessica!
— -Tajmia Gianna

photography, social media management, coaching skype call,
2 hours, $800

kickstart your creative career!

LET’S GET SOCIAL — do you want to step up your social media game? do you want to start a youtube channel for your photography? what about grow + target dream clients on instagram? i did the research so you don’t have to! our skype coaching session can cover how to grow your instagram account organically and work with your dream clients + companies. how to polish up your profiles + optimize your presence on both platforms. how to grow your instagram account organically to target + receive engagement from your ideal clients + customers.

let’s deep dive into photography — what is it you need the most help in to move forward into working with your dream, ideal clients? is it pricing, branding, building up confidence behind the camera so your clients can feel comfortable in front of it?

this is your session, and one-on-one sessions are entirely tailored to you. fill out my detailed contact form below so we can get started today!  

in-person takes place in new york city unless i happen to be traveling. i frequently am in seattle, dallas, houston, and sacramento, so be sure to shoot me an email! package price covers my coaching/photography package, not airfare or anything beyond our meeting.

transactions are done over paypal and full payment is due to book the date + time of your session. these rates do not include 10% sales tax.

in-person coaching + professional photo session in nyc,
3 hour, $1,200

in addition to the 2-hour coaching session described to the left, you also will receive a two-look photoshoot (valued at $700) immediately after the coaching session from me. the images are intended for updating your website ‘about me’ section with, freshen up your social media icons, and add new instagram content to your profile!

click here to see images i captured of entrepreneur karhlee for an example of the bright office and soho streets. i encourage you to bring any props that connect with your business…an old film camera, pile of notebooks, a computer…anything we can use to emphasize your business visually!

jessica’s mentoring sessions are one of the best things you can do for your photography/social media. she is so easy to talk with and answers your questions before you even ask them!
— daryl batt



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describe in 7-10 sentences at minimum about your *current* photography services. what area(s)/town(s)/etc do you work from? what do you mostly photograph at the moment? the more detail, the better!
is what you want to photograph different than what you are currently doing right now? what are your business goals, both monetary ($$$) and client-wise. do you want to bring on an associate photographer and expand your team? do you want to start booking more weddings? work with more brands? again, describe in 7-10 sentences and the more detail, the better!
i want to make sure that you have done all that you can and have a basic understanding of not only photography but also social media. i want this coaching session to be as beneficial as possible.
is your main focus going to be social media strategy? do you need insight and guidance on the backend of your photography business? do you want to start teaching on youtube? let me know! the more detail, the more i can help you.
youtube? instagram? a referral?

"Jessica was beyond helpful in our mentoring session. She utilized the 30 minutes effectively and was really personable! Jessica was able to answer all of my questions and concerns that I had. If you're thinking about setting up a mentoring session, do it; you won't be disappointed! Jessica was able to help me with Instagram tips, website layout, and posing for portraits. I am glad I was able to get her help and advice, and I look forward to setting up more mentoring sessions in the future!" -Nathan Pigott, $99 session

"I own a photography business and I always wanted to grow my Instagram in order to gain more business. My mentoring session with Jessica Whitaker was well worth the investment! We covered many topics that helped grow my Instagram. Jessica was very helpful and willing to answer any questions that I had. After applying the things that I have learned, I am amazed with the results! Couldn't be happier!" -Cade Clark

"I never believed that there was a certain way to gain more followers or that anyone could actually help me get my feed to the way I had envisioned it. That is until I spoke with Jessica Whitaker. Jessica not only gave me the best advice to helping me grow my following base but her tips worked. To say I was shocked is an understatement! The thirty minute Skype call I had with Jessica was the most rewarding thing that I have done for my Instagram to date and I hope to work with her again soon! If you are debating working with Jessica, let me just tell you - DO IT! " -Madeline M. Musa

"I bought the full social media mentor package from Jessica and all I can say is if you don’t get mentored by Jessica you played yourself. First off, Jessica is literally the sweetest and answered every. single. question I asked no matter how annoying I was. Jessica also taught me strategies about Instagram I would have NEVER thought about when posting to gain my ideal clients. Ever since I came back from my end of semester hiatus with Social Media I have gained back followers I have lost and also gained new followers. More importantly, I have been booking like crazy, this whole summer I have had just about every weekend booked along with my first 3 weddings, AND I just booked my first out-of-state wedding! Seriously, treat yourself and treat your business by getting mentored by Jessica!"  -Tajmia Gianna

"My coaching session with Jessica helped me in more ways than one. Not only did she teach me new things about content creation and social media, but she helped validate the good work our company is doing. She was quick to start the session, thorough, and was able to give so much information in only 30 minutes." - Jenni Beaver

"My 30 minute Skype session with Jessica felt like I was chatting with a really knowledgeable friend. She went through my Instagram withe me and gave me feedback. After she gave me a bunch of tips that could help take my feed to the next level. She worked very fast and got down to the information that I needed right away. She took the time to answer my questions very thoroughly. I felt like she wanted to help me grow my photography business and see me succeed.  I am excited to implement the tips she gave me and see my following and engagement grow." - Sarah Wolfe

"Jessica's mentoring sessions are one of the best things you can do for your photography/social media. She is so easy to talk with and answers your questions before you even ask them! She definitely knows what she is talking about. We went over my Instagram account and she gave me some great pointers. In a little over a week, I have gained over 60 followers and my posts are reaching a wider audience and have TRIPLED in likes and comments. Companies and brands are even reaching out to work with me now! All of this is because of a 30 minute session with Jessica!" --Daryl Batt

"Jessica so graciously excepted a Skype call with me when I was in need of Instagram coughing. Jessica gave me sound advice on how to have a well branded theme that showcases only my best work to attract the perfect clients for me. After this 30 minute call, I walked away with a few solid tools to increase my awareness on Instagram. I am glad to have come across her on YouTube to ensure me that I am going to a qualified expert of help." - Francesca Ragucci

"Sessions like this are always a bit of a iffy purchase  - but after my call with Jessica I had no doubts that the $99 USD I spent was put to good use. Jessica excels in putting together a comprehensive lesson plan together, if you’re really motivated in your photographic aspirations, the amount of information she can cram into 30 minutes will be everything you’re looking for and then some. She's also super adaptable so if you have any one-off curveball questions, you can be sure she'll be able to take care of it." -Marcus Cho

"I went to Jessica thinking I would get a few tips on Instagram, but instead she told me way more than I expected! The $99 was worth every penny! She was super informative and answered every question I had. She went over everything from your Insta bio, what hashtags to use, how to create your theme etc... Everything she went over I probably would never learned on my own. I think I might even go back for another session!" -Mitchell Rusch

"I highly recommend Jessica's coaching sessions! I got the $300 session and it was so worth it! At first I was hesitant, not because I didn't think Jessica knew her stuff, but because I was broke and didn't know if I could really learn enough I didn't already know to be worth $300. Let me tell you, the effectiveness of Jessica's suggestions blew me away! I gained 400 followers in less than 2 weeks without giving that much effort and when I have more time to spend on these methods, they will be even more effective! All of the tips she gave are so effective and so many are things I would have never thought of. Some of the tips expand on things I've heard about, but explain exactly how to do them in an effective manner for your particular Instagram page! Definitely book a coaching session with Jessica!" -Ashley Robertson