photography contracts are something i am asked quite frequently about in my instagram DM's. contracts + client agreements protect you and your clients and lay everything out that your client can expect to receive from you. i cannot offer legal advice (nor can any other photographer unless they also are a lawyer!) but i can point you in the right direction.

THIS. this is what we have needed.

this is my client management software that comes with so many tools for automating your business. my favorite feature? the photography contract templates.

they have it all. weddings. portraits. boudoir. even styled shoots!

if you click this link, you'll be directed to a free trial sign up page (no credit card is required to register!) take a look around this weekend if you have a free 30 minutes and see what you think! if you enjoy and want to further your usage beyond the free trial, a 50% off coupon will await you. this isn't sponsored, anyone can share what i am showing you! there isn't any pressure, hence the 'no card required'.

check it out. seriously- this could be the answer to your photo biz prayers!