STATESIDE - jessica whitaker preset pack

STATESIDE - jessica whitaker preset pack


STATESIDE: inspired by the pacific northwest, these presets reflect where i grew up and fell in love with photography. i wanted to create two retro, filters that felt cinematic and were influenced by the tones i was surrounded by for 20 years.

if you share on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #jessicawhitakerpresets hashtag so i can follow along!

preset 1 | north

the preset ‘north’ is a reflection of where i was raised in washington state. ‘north’ is an extremely versatile, green-based filter. you can easily increase the intensity for a deliberate look or keep it in it’s original form to be a subtle nod toward the past.

preset 2 | west

the preset ‘west’ was created with oregon in mind. anyone from seattle would agree that portland is the younger, cooler sibling of the northwest. i wanted to create a warm, brown-based filter that is ideal for fashion and landscape photography.

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intended to be used in adobe lightroom on raw files. you can use these on iphone, jpg images as well but it might require additional tweaking. all sales final. please be sure to download within 24 hours as the download link will expire after that. i cannot re-send files if you did not download within 24 hours.

NORTH | before + after

north_before (1 of 1).jpg
north_b4 (1 of 1).jpg
north___before (1 of 1).jpg
north___ (1 of 1).jpg
northb4 (1 of 1).jpg
before (1 of 5).jpg
b4_north (1 of 1).jpg
north_after (1 of 1).jpg
northafter_ (1 of 1).jpg
north___after (1 of 1).jpg
north___aftera (1 of 1).jpg
northafter (1 of 1).jpg
noth_after (1 of 1).jpg
after_north (1 of 1).jpg

WEST | before + after

westbeforeagain (1 of 1).jpg
west (1 of 1).jpg
west_before (1 of 1).jpg
west_o (1 of 1).jpg
west_before (1 of 1)-2.jpg
westafteragain (1 of 1).jpg
westafter (1 of 1).jpg
west_after (1 of 1).jpg
west_oo (1 of 1).jpg
west_after (1 of 1)-2.jpg